Premium plugin changelogs, how do they work? "Plugin not found." on some


I’m a huge fan of the improvements recently that allow changelogs to show for premium plugins which are not in the directory, it’s been huge help in helping decide whether to upgrade or not for premium plugins.

With that said, I notice that some still don’t work, so I was wondering how this actually works? Is it something we need the developers of the premium plugin to improve on their end, or is this something needed to be improved within MainWP?

For example,. I can see changelog entries for premium plugins such as FlyingPress, but can’t see it yet for other premium plugins such as WP Grid Builder for example - showing “Plugin not found.” when clicking the updated version of the premium plugin.

Any thoughts on this?

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The authors of premium plugins should use the WordPress standards for changelogs. As soon as they do, MainWP should also be able to pick them up. There’s some documentation about this with an instruction, you could send to the plugin owners:


Hi @d19dotca

Some premium plugins do not use WordPress standards to retrieve and display the changelog and plugin information on Child Sites.

And in that case, the information can not be visible on MainWP Dashboard.

As @josklever pointed out, in the documentation we have information necessary for the plugin developers to make their changelogs standardized after which, they will work in the MainWP Dashboard.

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