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New user of MainWP. I try to quickly browse through changelogs for plugins before I perform the updates. I’ve noticed that MainWP dashboard isn’t able to access the changelog for premium plugins that require purchase. All other plugins seem to display the changelog just fine when I expand the update and click the version. For premium plugins it pops up the window to display the changelog, but the content just shows “plugin not found”. Is this expected behavior? If it is expected I would like to make a feature request to get MainWP child plugin to retrieve the changelog and upload it to the parent MainWP dashboard so it can be reviewed when updating. If I go to the child site directly and try updating from there I’m able to view the changelog without any issues. This confirms the changelog is accessible online by the child site.

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for reaching out.

Yes, this is expected behavior, so I will move your post to the Feature Requests section.

When in the updates listed by plugin, rather than having the changelog link inside along the site listing line, why not have it at the plugin name heading line so you can quickly check what’s new about each one without froping the line down?
Just a thought…

@onebob I think the reason for needing to expand first is because each site could be on a different version.

Yes absolutely, I can see that, however the option would be good for those plugins where they will always be up to date eg a backup plugin, but you just want to see quickly what’s in the update :slight_smile:

This is something I would like as well, I prefer to preview the changelog when deciding if the time is right to kick out an update. Some changelogs indicate a large number of changes which might be better done at a time convenient to troubleshoot issues, or others might mention security patches which need to be done right away. (edited for typos)

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