Pro preports translate

The new pro reports amazing!
Please tell me how to change the language in titles.

Hi @webtailors

Currently, the easiest workaround is to copy the report template and manually rewrite text strings in a new language, then save as a new template.

You can find more information about creating custom templates here: Pro Reports extension overview - MainWP Documentation

But we are working on a feature that will enable you to quickly and easily translate the titles of the report.

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The new feature will be available in the end of this month?

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We’re glad you’re looking forward to it, but we don’t have an exact ETA at this moment.


We’ve just released Pro Reports v4.1.1, which adds a new feature that offers options to customize titles, subtitles, and table headings.

We hope you’ll find it useful.

Perfect!!! Good job once again. :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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