Pro Report missing data

I am using Pro Reports on all my sites. On one site it will not generate a correct report.

In the report I see [plugin.update.count], [page.created.count] instead of the actual numbers which should be generated.

The same report is used for all my other sites which reports generated correctly.

Could you please help me out?

I found that I had 730203 rows of Child Report Updates on the website. This apparently broke the Pro Report plugin due to an enormous amount of data.

Clearing this Child Report Updates by deleting Child Reports Database fixed this issue.

A warning or check of enormous amounts of data should be added somewhere to avoid such edge cases?

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Hey @opicron1

Glad you found the solution.

Indeed, a large number of entries can affect the child site’s server resource, which can then lead to this issue.

The records are being kept for 100 days by default on the child site, so if for example, you are sending only monthly reports, you can lower this value to reduce the number of entries in the database:

I have forwarded this to the development team for evaluation.

Yes, I will reduce the days records are kept.

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