Pro Reports 4.1 "Hide if Empty" is Not Working

In a new report I created I have everything under the Report Data tab set to “Hide if empty”, (see below). However, even though there is no data for this child site for data from Analytics, Pages updates, or Post updates these sections are still showing, (see below). I have tested this on both of the new templates, (pro-report-agency.php and pro-report-agency-dark.php) and the results are the same.

Maybe this should be as a separate post, but for child sites using iThemes Security, the security scan data is not being populated. Child sites using Wordfence returns scan data just fine.

Hi @kwsim

The “Hide if empty” for Pages, Posts, Wordfence, and other extensions primarily controls whether that data will appear as a separate section further down in the report.

For example, the Wordfence Scans being 0 is included on the first page of the report because Wordfence extension is active on the MainWP Dashboard.
But the Wordfence data is not shown as its own section further down.

We will look into why the Analytics data is displayed as its own section even though there is no data.

Can you please elaborate more on this - where is the iThemes data not being populated?

I see that now. but the section down the page is still showing regardless that I have the “Hide if Empty” selected.

Below are 2 client reports Clinet A has iThemes Security and no Analytics connected. Client B has Wordfence and Google Analytics and no Matomo Analytics.

You will see that Client A shows a Security section that is blank and both Analytics that have no data. For Clinet B you will see a Security section with data and Google Analytics data, as weel as the Matomo Analytics section with no data.



Thank @kwsim for the details and the screenshots.

The security section is configured to show performed scans during the reporting period.

So it is possible that even though the iThemes security widget is showing some information like the number of Banned users, no scans were performed during the reporting period.

However the Security section should not be displayed in that scenario, and we will look into this.

And we will also look into why the Analytics section is showing even if no data is recorded.

Great! Thank you.

Loving the new modern layout though. The Agency Dark is nice, but wouldn’t be practical for printing this report and I’m not seeing any print media query to offset this. Not even sure if this is even possible for a generated PDF.

Also, I needed to go into the pro-report-agency.php template and add a couple of page breaks for the Intro and Grid Data because the Intro, Grid Data, and Data Sections are all running into each other and causing odd page breaks.

Glad you’re loving the new report templates. Right now, something like this isn’t possible but we will look into it for future releases.

We changed how the sections are rendered as previously we’ve had situations where a section with very little data would take up an entire page in the PDF. We will also take a look at making the break points behave nicer.

Because each client will have different data segments (Shown/Hidden) this will be hard to determine when the break will make sense. This might need to be determined by the report owner to determine the right balance for themselves.

As for myself, my intro is quite lengthy, which breaks the data grid segment and pushes half of it to the next page. Therefore I need a page break after my intro, which I added. Although, this might not be the same need for others. But at the very least there might be a call for a page break after the data grid segment.

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So, I check the child A site logs for its iThemes Security scans and found there are scan logs that happen twice a day during this reporting period. However, I found that there are no logs for these scans in the Pro Report logs, which is why you see no scan data in the Data Grid and Security data segment.

On the flip side, child B does show scan logs for Wordfence in the Pro Reports logs, which correctly displays in the report for child B.





Thanks, @kwsim

We will look into the iThemes scan logs not showing up in Pro Reports logs.

Any progress on this? Ithemes scans are not showing for me either.

Jetpack Protect fixed vulnerabilities are also not showing in my report at all.

Thank you all for the feedback.

We’ve confirmed the issue with the iThemes scans not showing up in Pro Reports.

We will issue a fix for it in the next version of the extension.

Jetpack Protect should only show a count of current vulnerabilities that may exist on a child site, not the ones that were fixed.

Do we have an ETA on the fix for the MainWP Child Reports plugin and the Pro Reports templates? The net set of reports is due to be sent out to my clients. Those who use iThemes Security will be receiving blank scan data, while the others that are not connected to either GA4 or Matomo will also be receiving blank analytic data sets in the report they are not connected to.

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The team is working on it, but we don’t have an exact ETA for it at the moment.

Well why would I want that on a client report? The idea is the show value to the client. Showing them open vulnerabilities seems counter intuitive. Is there no way to show vulnerabilities that were fixed?

Unfortunately, this is not possible using Jetpack tokens.

Other security plugins such as Sucuri and Wordfence will include more details such as whether any issues were during a scan. However, neither of those have a token that would display vulnerabilities that were fixed.

You can find a full token list here: Available Pro Reports Tokens - MainWP Documentation

Found another issue. This time it’s within the email body sent to the clients. I specifically “Hide” the Matomo analytics in the report settings, which hides this in the report just fine, but still shows up in the email body. See below.

This issue also is also part of the “Hide if empty” selection. Child sites that do not have either of the analytics are still showing N/A data in the body of the email. I guess this same issue can also be called out for “Hide if empty” for both Wordfance and iThemes Security scans. But of course, the missing iThemes Security scans are also part of the Reports plugin issue.


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Thanks for pointing this to us, @kwsim

We’ll look into this and issue a fix for it in the next release of Pro Reports.

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Any updates on this issue of the Analytics Hide if missing?

Any update on the child reports plugin not capturing the iThems Security scanns?