Pro Reports - Can I email clients a report of out of date plugins, themes and WordPress


I offer my clients two hosting packages. The “premium” package is fully managed and includes WP, theme and plugin updates via your wonderful MainWP system.

The cheaper option doesn’t and clients are meant to keep their own sites updated. This obviously doesn’t happen so I end up updating them for free in the background so my server is secure :wink:

What I would like to do is, based on which MainWP group they are in, send a report to the non-managed clients detailing a list of the updates required along with say spam comments etc.

While the group who are managed, I’d like to send a report of the updates that have been carried out.

I know it’s possible to run different reports based on which group they are in. My question is: Is it possible to run a report detailing what is out of date on the sites rather than what has been update?

This could be the feature that gets me to go Pro!


Hey @DigitalEssence

Welcome to the MainWP community.

Unfortunately, we don’t currently offer an out-of-the-box solution for that.
While we do offer plenty of tokens to extend Pro Reports, none cover that use case.

Please feel free to make a suggestion about this on our feedback site. That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which features our users want the most.

In case you would be so inclined, we invite you to build a custom solution. MainWP is developer friendly, and you can find our MainWP Developer Resources at

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