Pro Reports Client Email Not Sent

I tried to send my first report to several clients. I also wanted to receive a copy of each report as well. I selected several sites to send to then entered this in the “Send email to” field:

[],[email protected]

But it appears my email address was the only email to receive the reports.

Is this the incorrect way to format multiple email addresses when using the token []?

Hi @ianscott

Welcome to the MainWP Community!

We’ve identified an issue regarding the “Send email to” field recently.

Currently, the “Send email to” field is trying to read the value of the [] token from the Edit page of the Individual child site, instead of reading it from the Client page.

We’ve addressed this issue, and now the field will read the value of [] from both Edit page and the Client page. The value on the Edit page will have priority over the value on the Client page.

This version of Pro Reports isn’t out yet, but you can find the pre-release version at this URL: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

That ZIP has the same version number as the current stable release, so once we release the new version it will get automatically updated over the ZIP version.

Thank you so very much for the quick reply! I had just done a bit more research on my own and saw an earlier message and realized that was probably the issue and tested with one client, and that fixed it (entering the information on the individual Child site settings page.

Thank you for the link to the pre-release version that fixes this.

And again, thank you so very much for the speedy reply!

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You are most welcome. I’m glad the issue was quickly resolved.

Seems to be a new issue - I’ll look further to see if I can figure if something on my end, but I just realized that the custom report I had created (and had previously been able to select) is now not selectable. I realized this after sending reports and viewing them.

Previously, when I had been testing the same report - it had saved my pre-selected report so I didn’t think to check that after installing your pre-release plugin.

Ah!!!.. now as I write this, I guess the pre-release plugin over-wrote the templates directory… thankfully I have a copy of it.

But is there a directory that a custom template can be placed in so it is not overwritten with a plugin update?

Custom templates should be placed in /wp-content/uploads/mainwp/report-templates/ to avoid being overwritten by extension updates.

You can find more information in our help article in the Create Custom Report Templates section:

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