Pro Reports compatibility with PHP 8.0

In supporting Typemarker, I had a ticket reporting of the PDF file not being attached to report emails. After investigation, I was also able to reproduce the same behavior when the Typemarker plugin was not running alongside Pro Reports. At the time, my site was running PHP 8.0. After switching to PHP 7.4 the PDF is properly generated and attached to the outgoing email.

It would seem that the Pro Reports extension may not yet be fully compatible with PHP 8.0. Is anyone else able to reproduce or confirm this?

Hey @uamv - Just wanted to let you know that I have tested MainWP 4.2 & Pro Reports running on PHP v8.0 and the PDF was attached just fine.

My environment is running PHP 8.0 on both Dashboard & Child.
Could you provide your public system report so we can take a look at your setup?


Yeah, all my test environments are also on PHP 8.0, and no issues with generating PDFs.


Thanks for confirming. I’ll run a few more tests on my end to try and isolate any conflict.


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