Pro Reports Custom Template

I have been trying to create a custom template for Pro Reports for a few hours now. Unfortunately nothing works! The preview and the PDF also look completely different.

What I try is a header and a footer on each PDF page.
I can’t even get it to work on the first page.

I have tried with very simple HTML elements and also with more complex flex styles. None of it works. I have a feeling that the PDF generation doesn’t take some styles into account. In the browser preview it is sometimes correct, but not always.

I copied the modern template after this one and experimented on the modern template file: Pro Reports extension overview - MainWP Documentation

Unfortunately without success.

For me it would be enough to add a header (35px height with background color without content) and a footer (50px height with logo left and URL right) on each page. Without margin/padding still on top and bottom respectively.

This is actually quite simple and created on the web within 5 minutes, but unfortunately it doesn’t work with this template/PDF.

Can anyone help me? I have spoken by mail with Bogdan Rapaić and Sanja Tošanović. I have also sent a template. Unfortunately, no answer received yet.

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Hi @wizible

Our apologies for the lack of reply.
@bogdan is working on it and he will update you via the Help Scout ticket as soon as possible.