Pro reports database size

Even if I reset the Pro Reports Database, in the MainWP Pro Reports dashboard the size does not decrease.
Am I missing something?

Hi @TheDarkMist

Can you please elaborate a bit about how you reset the Pro Reports database, and where do you determine that the size does not decrease?

Please attach screenshots if possible, as they will help us understand the context better.

In the child site there is a Reports manager interface, which has the button to reset it in the settings tab.
It seems working, since clicking it removes all the records, but from the MainWP Dashboard, under the “Child Reports Dashboard” the indication of the database size doesn’t decrease (I would expect it to drop to zero…)

Thanks for the additional information.

I will check with the development team and update you as soon as I can.

The values in the “Reports DB Size” are in fact for the entire database, and not for the tables of the Child Report plugin.

In our testing, when the Child Report database is reset, the values in the “Reports DB Size” do go down, but obviously never to 0 because it’s taking into the account the entire size of the database.

In the next release of the Pro Reports we will be renaming the column, since we believe that it is currently somewhat misleadingly named.

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