Pro Reports not Creating Security Page (for WordFence) on some Client Reports

I have 3 sites setup to receive reports from the Pro Reports Extension. 2 sites that use the free version of WordFence has the Security page in the reports while the other site that has the paid version of WordFence does not for some reason…

All other pages show up fine (like maintenance, backups, etc…)

So is there any reason why the reports do not work for the paid version (premium) of wordfence? (or is there another reason this is happening)

BTW on all 3 sites I can view and access WordFence for the site via MainWP just fine and the WordFence column shows up correctly in the Managed Sites list.

Hi Tom,

can you please tell me are you using one of the default report templates or a custom one?

All 3 are using the same custom report template.

Hi Tom,

The Pro reports extension doesn’t include Wordfence data in reports by default.
The Security section refers only to Sucuri extension.

In order to include WF data, you would need to customize the report template.

Here you can find the list of all available tokens:

And here you can see how to create custom templates:

Yup I already did that that is why it is a custom report. As I mentioned previous I use the same custom report on all 3 sites and the only site it doesn’t show the WordFence information is the one that has a Premium WordFence subscription. The other 2 sites only have the Free version of WordFence.

Hi Tom,

Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

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Okay just created a ticket. Thanks!

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Just to update the thread…

WF data is missing for the website because the WF plugin was failing to complete scans.

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