Pro Reports not pulling through data for certain secitons


I’m using the modern template but recently the reports being sent out to clients have been missing data, such as for some uptime figures, for some plugin updates, for others analytics (where we use either Matomo/Google depending on the client).

I’m not exactly sure how far this goes back, but I think it was fairly recent.

Current pro report version is 4.0.13 and MainWP: 4.3.1

Any ideas on what I can try?


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Hey @joshcoxjcs

The issue with empty sections in the Pro Reports was addressed with version 4.0.13. which you now have installed.

Can you please double-check on the child sites itself if the expected events (Plugins Updates, Theme Updates…) were logged properly? You can find the logs on the Child WP Admin > Settings > MainWP Child > Child Reports page.

Also, please make sure that you are running the latest version of the MainWP Child Reports plugin (v 2.1) on all your child sites.

Hi @bojan

Thanks for the reply, yes I can see updates are being logged in the report sections of the child sites. And the child site’s I’ve checked that are encountering the issues, are running v2.1.

Many Thanks,

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Thanks for the update.

Do you know if the reports with the empty sections were sent out after the Pro Reports extension was updated to 4.0.13?

We’ve had multiple reports of this issue with the version 4.0.12, but none with 4.0.13 thus far.

If you believe it was after 4.0.13, please open a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further.

Yes they were, and I’ve generated previews and they’re still showing as empty. I’ll raise a ticket now thank you.

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Thanks for all your help @bogdan, it was me being silly and not an actual issue.

@joshcoxjcs You are most welcome.

Just to provide some information to the community - in the selected range, there weren’t any logged events for some of the sections, but they were configured as “Show” instead of “Hide if empty”, which forced the Pro Reports to display them even though they were empty.

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