Pro Reports - Plugin update history?

hello -

question here. Just starting to use the pro reports.
I noticed that the wordpress and plugin updates dont seem to have any data if there’s nothing needed for updating. However, I though the reports would show some kind of update history… Is that not correct?

  • matt

Hi Matt, this doesn’t seem like a normal behavior.

Pro Reports extension should show updates history even if there are no available updates pending.

Can you try with a different report time range and see if you can duplicate this same issue?

Hi Bogdan - thx for reply. I tried a one week time period and still show no update history. FYI I actually don’t see this update history anywhere on the mainwp dashboard. I dont see it when I go to any of the child sites. That might be the issue…

I went and did a search in the mainwp community and saw a post about wp activity logo extension. However, I dont see this in list of extensions to install. Also, the link in the article is not working.

I went to the one site I’m using for testing this. In child reports, it looks like there’s only history about wordfence scans and backup buddy stuff

Hi Matt, can you please send me a temporary access to your MainWP Dashboard via Private message so I can check this further.

Regarding the Activity Log for MainWP, it’s a 3rd party extension, so it’s not included in the Auto Install process. You can install it directly from the repo.

How do you send via private message?

You can click someones profile and choose “Message”.


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