Pro Reports - Two reports at once, problem with 2nd report


I have a Client for whom I manage 2 websites under the one organisation banner - their main site and a sub-domain shop.

I usually generate and send both of their reports at the same time, but if I do that with the latest extensions, the second report has the shortcodes and not the info:

1st report

2nd report

If I generate the reports individually, all is fine!

I’ve checked a few bits and pieces on the sites and it seems the child plugin may have been the cause as it wasn’t at the latest version.

Hi @guerre64

Do update the MainWP Child plugin to the latest version, but also check that you are running the latest version of Pro Reports (4.0.13) as we’ve had reports of this issue being caused by out-of-date Pro Reports version.

Let us know if that solves it for you.

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