Pro Reports UX/UI or Design Templates?

Are there any templates available for the Pro Reports? My only hesitance of moving to MainWP is because I wasn’t impressed by the design quality of the report sample. I understand that the reports are very powerful and robust, but my clients won’t understand that and love visually appealing information, If not, I am assuming we can customize it using code?

Hi @thorsolutions, thanks for reaching out.

MainWP Pro Reports extension comes with 3 default reports.
If none of the default reports fit your needs, you can always create custom templates. Here is the guide:

Create Custom Report Templates - MainWP Documentation

It allows you to customize report design and content. Here you can find the full list of available tokens:

In addition to this, there is the 3rd party extension that provides another pre-designed report template:

Also, there is support for custom tokens, here you can find more details about that:

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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