PROBLEM php update


I have a php update that prevents me from updating mainwp.
My server is on 8.2 php, I have no problems with the other sites on the server
Here is the screenshot

@Jean_David Can you please translate that error message into English since it’s an image?

MainWP should be compatible with 8.1 & 8.2 since 4.3.1
I am not seeing the same error message you are when my server is set to PHP 8.2.4


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@kwcjr The translation is: “This extension does not work with your version of PHP.
Learn more about updating PHP.”

I only see notifications like this if the PHP version is too low, so you should probably check again. The notice also suggests that the PHP version is too low. As MainWP Child needs PHP 7.4 or higher, the child site probably has a lower version

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@josklever Thanks for the translation! I agree that’s most likely the case @Jean_David

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good evening
apparently there was a problem with the subdomain and the switch to php 8;
this problem came from the host
thank you for your answers


Great, I’m glad you’ve managed to resolve the issue, and thank you for updating us.

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