Problem with Bulk Settings Manager

Hi there! I can’t fill checkbox in All in One WP Security plugin. I checked all parameters of key, resolved the problem “Invalid once” but different nothing… It is the only one checkbox which didn’t fill… I created personal key special for this checkbox already, but problem did’t resolve. What can i do yet?

Hi @nickline

I have reproduced this situation.

The Key Maker appears to be collecting the checkbox in the POST request, but the Bulk Settings Manager does not manage to change its value.

I’ll check in with the development team for the possible solution and update you as soon as possible.

Good, i will wait your answer!

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We’ve prepared a pre-release version of the Bulk Settings Manager that now handles these scenarios. The extension is available at this link:

With this version, there is no need to add a text field for the nonce error as described in this document, which you followed to get around the error previously: How to fix Invalid nonce error in Bulk Settings Manager - MainWP Documentation

Instead, in the already present Nonce field, change the value of the Nonce name to aiowpsec-user-registration-settings-nonce. This is the same value you entered in the text field previously.

And when saving the key to a child site, enable the newly added option “Skip Invalid nonce”.

In our testing, the value of the checkbox can now be changed.
Please let us know whether it works for you as well.

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But, now i can’t skipe “nonce valid” when i use keyring, this checkbox doesn’t exist((( Everything is work, but i want to use this checkbox in keyring’s page, Is it possible?

Hi @nickline

The development team will investigate the possibility of adding such toggle to the Key Rings.

I will update you via this thread as soon as I have more information.

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We’ve added the “Skip Invalid nonce” on the key ring. Please find the extension at this link and let us know if it works solves the issue:

I used this extension,but unfortunatly checkboxes was’t filled

Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can take a closer look at the BSM keys you’ve attached to the Key Ring?

I got it. I sent already