Problems with Auto-Update

I have problems with the auto-update function.

Firstly, I only get an email that updates are available when I log in and do the sync manually. As I understood it I should get an email when the sync is done automatically. I have set 01:30 in the settings, then this should be done, right?

I also checked that updates are done automatically. But this only happens if I have done the manual sync process. Then it says that updates will be executed within the next 24 hours. Is it possible to set when the updates will be carried out automatically?
(I have already set the corresponding plugins to trusted)

I would like to set the following.

  • 01:30 Sync with all pages
  • 02:15 Automatic Updates

Thanks for the help.

@DuerrSteidle Typically this is caused becuase MainWP runs on the WP_Cron system. Which needs traffic in order to fire off. Have you gone over these options? They will walk you through how to fix this issue.

Thanks a lot.
I will try it with Uptime Robot.

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I have now tested it with UptimeRobot. I also took my website out of maintenance mode and made sure that this is not the reason.

I have noticed that only some of my websites have done an auto-update. It was about half?

When should they be installed, there is only the message of 24h, why is there not a possibility to set the time like with the synchronization?

Sry for the second post.

But I want to ask if there is no possibilty to set the time when the update start.
This function will be very important for me to make the updates in the night and not at the day.

Is there any possibility?

You can change WP Cron times via this 3rd-party plugin. WP Crontrol – WordPress plugin |

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With Wp-Cron it ist not possible to set a time. It is just possible to set an intervall.

You need to set an System-Cron. I know how it works but I dont now how for mainwp.

MainWP uses WP_cron. You asked how to set the time of a cron job and then say that it’s not possible.

It’s actually quite possible utilizing the plugin I suggested above.

If you install WP-control,

You can edit an existing cron event (from the Tools → Cron Events menu) for the cron event in question and change its next run time to 8:15am. The event will then subsequently run daily at 8:15am (unless the plugin deletes and re-adds events, you’ll need to keep an eye on it). - New cron schedule specific time daily |

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