Publish post in the main domain and in the network sites

For all custom custom fields I can create a post and publish it on the network sites and in the main domain (the one where mainwp is installed) directly from the Wordpress interface.
As for the posts (the standard wordpress ones) directly from the WP interface I can’t.

I have to go through the MainWP interface, but I can only publish on the network sites and not on the main one. Is it possible to select which sites to publish a post in the WP interface?

Thanks so much!

Hey @I_S

This is correct.
When creating a post through the WordPress interface, it can be published only to the Dashboard site.
And posts created from the MainWP Dashboard can only be published to Child sites attached to that Dashboard and not the Dashboard itself.

However, to work around this, you can add the Dashboard to itself as a Child site, and then you will be able to publish the post to it from the MainWP interface.

@I_S Please refrain from using your MainWP Dashboard as a public facing website… It’s HIGHLY UNRECOMMENDED by our entire staff here at MainWP! If this is not your intention then please disregard this warning - Thanks :slight_smile:


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