Publish to multiple sites or automatically restore from backup

Hello, friends.
I’m new to MainWP and I need some advice.
I need to add some same pages build with visual builder (now I use Divi, but I am ready to use Elementor) to a large number of sites (about 100-200).

My question:

  1. Can the MainWP work with Divi or Elementor? Maybe some other visual constructor is working? How I can do it? I can’t see function “Build with Divi” or “Build with Elementor” in standart MainWP builder.

  2. For example, this can’t be done. I am considering option 2-restoring child sites from a single backup of the main child site (the main child site is the site where I will create content using Divi or Elementor) in automatic mode.

The idea is:

  1. I create content on the main child site.
  2. I upload the backup to Google disk/Dropbox/etc.
  3. The other child sites load this backup at my direction in the dashboard.
  4. Child sites automatically update files and the database.

Keep in mind that the database is restored from another subdomain (the site database I will need to restore automatically on sites, child2.example com…)

Question. Can I set up one-time username/password/database host etc on child sites, so that in the future they are updated without my participation from the backup of the main child site on Google disk/Dropbox/etc?

I need your help. Thanks.

Hi Alexey,

Unfortunately, at this moment, MainWP doesn’t support custom page builders.

Regarding the cloning process that you need, have you checked the MainWP Clone Extension? It doesn’t fully cover your requirements (such as uploading backups to Google disc/Dropbox), but it can help you clone one child site to another.

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