Recommended Work Flow?

First off, let me commend you guys for having the best documentation / knowledgebase that I have ever read. Clearly illustrated, even more clearly written. Besides my Multisite question your documentation has resolved every hurdle that I have come across thus far.

My question today is not necessarily function but rather strategy. Work Flow. I am one of those old dinosaurs that refuses to put their test server with sensitive info into the cloud. I use a local virtualbox LAMP server with Virtualmin control panel to dev / test all my sites then push to production.

My question is:

I currently have the child plugin installed on 2 single sites that I am getting closer to pushing to production, after the upload how does MainWP handle the new production that has the same identifier but different url? ( exmaple.test vs. Should I simply re-connect the prod site with a new identifier and thereby have both example.test and in my mainwp dashboard?

Are there any special git considerations that I need to make? :thinking:

The only recommendation I can think of to your awesome docs more awesome are typical / graphical representations of different workflows when using mainwp… offline test server vs cloud server, etc.

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Hey @dragonsway

I’m glad you’re finding our documentation helpful :slight_smile:

After you push the child site to production, you should be able to connect it to the Dashboard without issue. If you are using a Unique security ID, you may need to generate a new one before reconnecting.

You will then have two entries for that site in your Dashboard, for the staging and for the live site.

I’m not sure about possible Git considerations. Perhaps a community member can chime in.

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