Regular issues with installing and maintaining/installing my extentions

Dear support,

I feel I too often have issues with maintaining/installing/activating my extentions.

Is it just me (I have 2 life time accounts) or is there something that is not working 100%.

(I have just disabled + enabled all plugins on my mainwp site)



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Hey @Chrilles_Wybrandt

We upgraded our Extension licensing system in version 4.2.
Some users may need to follow the instructions in this article/video if they are facing update or activation issues: Activate New Extensions Licensing System - MainWP Documentation

It is still not working.

The following required query string data is missing: product_id, instance



Thanks for trying that.

Can you please try uninstalling and re-installing one of the affected extensions and see if that helps?

Hi Chrilles,

If Bojan’s suggestion doesn’t help, please feel free to open a helpdesk ticket so we can check what is going on.

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