Remote staging site?

Hi there, I use Local (by Flywheel) to develop sites and I was wondering if I could treat it as a staging site to the live site? I do not see any option to create a staging site that is not on the same server, so please advise on how this can be done

Is your MainWP Dashboard set on the localhost or web-hosted site?

My MainWP dashboard is local and the other sites are web hosted

Unfortunately, I don’t see any out-of-box solution for this kind of setup. At first, I thought it might be good to use the Clone extension to simply clone live site to staging, but than since Live site can’t communicate with locally hosted site, the clone process could work only in one direction.

@ramnathk I’m going to assume your Dashboard can communicate with the live sites and your local development sites.

In that case, the best I can think of is creating a “staging” group and a “live” group where you can test the updates on your staging sites and then “pushing” them live once you tested them on the development sites.
In a typical case, I would of course recommend

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