Remove Multisite warning

I understand that this isn’t designed for multisites, but how do I get this warning to stop appearing every single time I got to a Main WP page?

MainWP plugin is not designed nor fully tested on WordPress Multisite installations. Various features may not work properly. We highly recommend installing it on a single site installation!


Hi @ndstate, isn’t there the Dismiss (X) icon in the top-right corner of the warning?

Yes, it disappears, but comes right back if I navigate to a different page and back.

That is strange. It’s designed to get dismissed forever once the X icon is clicked. Have you tried from a different browser? Could it be a problem caused by a conflict with some other plugin? If nothing helps, have you tried to simply hide it with a quick CSS snippet in the MainWP Custom Dashboard Extension?

I tried a different browser, same issue. Maybe ill set up a test install (with no plugins) to see what happens. I will try css for now. Are there any other relevant messages that css might also hide? Thanks.

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Hi, same issue on a clean new install. I killed it with:

.ui.message {
display: none !important;}

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I am not sure that this is the best solution. This will hide all elements with .ui.message class so you can miss some important notifications.

.ui.message {
   display: none !important;

Are you able to send me a tepmorary login to your MainWP Dashboard (via Private message) so I can check why the dismiss function is not working?

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