Removing a broken sites fails because it is disconnected

In the sites table overview when I want to remove disconnected sites because they were deleted or broken, this process fails because it states: “Removing and deactivating the MainWP Child plugin…” which obviously makes no sense if the site is not available (or deleted).

I read on another post that you have stopped testing Beta 4.1 & rolled back to Version 4.0. Is this post in reference to an Issue within 4.0 or beta 4.1?


Even if the child site is disconnected, MainWP should remove the site without of issues. If the site is disconnected, Dashboard will skip the MainWP Chld plugin deactivation part and just remove the site.

In some very rare occasions, I have seen this in past, but there was no unique reason for this behavior.

Are you able to duplicate this issue with any of your child sites?

Hey team, I refer to 4.0. @bogdan You are right, it seems to affect only a few sites. So how should I proceed? Remove them directly in the database?


Yes, I think it may be best to simply remove the sites from the wp_mainwp_wp db table.

Thanks for clarifying your version Konstantin - Appreciate it.

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