Removing branding don't work (plugin still invisible)


I can’t disable the child plugin branding on my site.
The plugin is invisible in the plugin list.
Here are the actions I tested :slight_smile:

Remove and reinstall the plugin: KO
Follow the instructions of “Branding Master Reset”: KO

When I reinstall and activate the plugin, I get an alert message telling me that I need to quickly connect my plugin to the dashboard.
In this message, the name of the plugin is always the name of the custom branding.

I don’t know what to do anymore.
Thanks for your help.

Hi BillyBoy,

We have a tool that will reset your MainWP Child Site Plugin settings as if it was never installed.

Please find the plugin here: Reset MainWP Child Plugin setting to default.

Simply install this like a normal plugin ON THE CHILD SITE ONLY. Once activated it will do it’s thing and deactivate itself. After you are finished with the tool PLEASE remove it for security reasons.

Let us know how it goes.


Hi Bogdan,
You’re awsome, it work like a charm !
All the best :wink:


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