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My first post :blush:
I have been using mainwp for about 6 months and loving it. But my main reason for building it up is the reports addon. However I find the reports to be a bit on the simple site and have tried endlessly to make it better.

I want a few things, and wonder if anyone has done this already before I spend money on it.

  1. Have all tokens integrated (making it a very full report
  2. Have a comparison between last report and new report
  3. Use charts and piecharts to spice it up

I am giving up on doing it myself, I spend many many many days on it.

Anyone have a usable template or part of one?

The pro reports adds the sections automatically - the tokens should work inside a “custom template”… Which tokens are you trying use that are not showing up?

The comparison of reports is something you will need to open a Feature Request for.

Pro reports are designed to be more flexible then the Original Client Report extension for those that are more savvy with PHP, giving you the options to add w.e. you want to the reports.

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