Restore One Particular File if I Want

Thanks for the detailed explanation, and for the generosity of paying for one year of protection for our dashboard sites (you don’t see this from many other vendors).

I did try it out, but for some reason the auto-backups did not start initially. I eventually got them going and yes, they “just worked” nicely.

I was a little disappointed with the restore feature though. Whilst one-click restore is great, I’m used to having the granularity to restore only particular files if I want. I could not see a way to do this with CodeGuard.

The malware cleaning is certainly an attractive feature, and it’s good to know that there is a viable alternative to Sucuri (which I’ve used for a long time, but they have dropped their one-off clean service now and are pushing everyone to their WAF subscription).

Overall, it looks good, but not good enough to entice me off the backup and security platforms I’m already using for my client sites.

Again, thanks for giving us the opportunity to try it out though :slight_smile:

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Hi @wdenley, I split your topic off since the old one should of auto-closed days ago and we can go over your issue.

I appreciate you trying it, CodeGuard is the backup solution I use and believe in but of course, no one is forced into using them and if it’s not for you that’s cool :sunglasses:

However, to address your issue.

To selective restore individual files you just:

  • Select Restore
  • Select the date you want to restore from
  • Press Restore Option
  • Choose “Selective Restore”
  • Click on the file or files you want to restore
  • Confirm Restore

You have now restored only the particular files you wanted, Hope that helps.


Hi @dennis

Thanks for taking the time to respond, and for the instructions.

I was expecting a process like that, but when I clicked the restore button in the WordPress plugin, it just restored everything straight away. Admittedly, I only had the one backup at the time, so selecting a day would not have made sense, but I would have still expected to be able to select files before it went and restored everything.

Maybe this is just a glitch when there is only the one file to restore from, and once you have more stored backups it works fine. Maybe I need to try again


Hi @wdenley,

The CG WordPress plugin takes full backups of website files and the database every day. This backup process starts the moment you connect to CG in the back ground & becomes available once it’s finished, then on schedule after that.

FTP/MySQL & SFTP/SSH Tunnel backups are incremental, require less storage usage, and provide the ability to select individual files. It also does not rely on any WP code to do so. The CG Dashboard is much more detailed.


Hi @kwcjr

Thanks for the clarification of the difference between the WP plugin and the CodeGuard dashboard capabilities - this was not clear in the documentation I read.


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