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I have been using WP Rocket for a while now with Main WP on many sites. Most have general settings in MainWP. I need to exclude a script for them all, so put it where it belongs in the general settings in Rocket on Main WP but it is not working. I know it is not working because when I enter it into the individual site, it works. Please advise.


Hey @hollytga

We couldn’t replicate this issue. When we added an exclusion for a sample JS file (on the Dashboard > Extension > Rocket > File Optimization page), it was properly saved to all child sites.

Can you please verify that you are running the latest versions of MainWP Dashboard (4.3.1) and Rocket extension (4.0.5) on the Dashboard site, and on all child sites, the latest versions of MainWP Child plugins (4.3.1), and the Rocket plugin (3.12.4)?

Thanks for getting back to me. I have solved the problem now.

For some reason my pro MainWP account had become disconnected so was not receiving updates (or notifications that were there updates) to the extensions and it had disabled all my licenses on the extensions.

The fix was this:
Deactivated then reactivated the MainWP dashboard plugin in Wordpress.
Reconnected the license with my API and relicensed all extensions.
Then synced all sites.

All is now working.

Thank you.

Perfect, I’m glad you’ve managed to solve it, and thank you for updating us.

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