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Hi there,

Does anyone have any tips on how to use Bedrock and MainWP effectively?

I am looking at a solution to allow our digital AMs and PMs to see a snapshot of all our client sites, about 80% of which are built using Bedrock for their core architecture.

Ideally, we want to be able to give AMs and PMs the ability to only see core WP and plugin details, as well as things like uptime and site health, but do not want them to be able to manage plugins or change anything on sites at all - their access will be purely read-only so they can get a snapshot of site health and which sites are up-to-date etc. Is it possible to completely remove all install/update/manage features, so MainWP effectively because just a reporting tool for certain users/user roles?

Developers, however, should be able to manage core WP updates and plugins etc, but I’m not sure how this would play with Bedrock’s Composer-based structure and Git integration/deployments. If this is not possible, it’s no big deal, as our primary use-case for MainWP is as a one-stop shop/overview for AMs/PMs to see a top-level view of all our WordPress-based sites.

Thank you!

Hi @alexryans

Welcome to the MainWP Community.

We do have a Team Control extension with which you can create custom roles and set custom privileges.
While it is not possible to create a purely read-only custom role, perhaps you will find it useful for your use case.

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