S3 bucket selection is still broken in MainWP BackWPup Extension

Under S3 bucket selection the following appears:

“Missing required client configuration options: version: (string) A “version” configuration value is required. Specifying a version constraint ensures that your code will not be affected by a breaking change made to the service. For example, when using Amazon S3, you can lock your API version to “2006-03-01”. Your build of the SDK has the following version(s) of “s3”: * “2006-03-01” You may provide “latest” to the “version” configuration value to utilize the most recent available API version that your client’s API provider can find. Note: Using ‘latest’ in a production application is not recommended. A list of available API versions can be found on each client’s API documentation page: AWS SDK for PHP 3.x. If you are unable to load a specific API version, then you may need to update your copy of the SDK.”

Hi Eric, thanks for reaching out and my apolgies for a small delay here.

For the start, can you please verify that you are using the latest extension version ( along with the latest MainWP Dashboard (4.1.1) and Child (4.1)?

That’s correct:

Wordpress 5.5.1
MainWP Dashboard 4.1.1
MainWP Child 4.1
MainWP BackWPup Extension

on top of
php-fpm 7.4 and nginx

Hi Eric, thanks for the update.
that seems fine.

Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

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