Safe automatic plugins/themes updates by using MainWP plugin & WP Reset Pro plugin

I have a dream… about plugins/themes safe auto updates on the websites by using MainWP plugin together with WP Reset Pro plugin.

All these years we are trying to do “smart” updates - meaning to analyse all update facts before doing update with the MainWP (we use on 30+ of our sites and our clients).

Lately we tested WP Reset Pro (WP Reset - Reset, repair, & recover your WordPress | AppSumo) with MainWP on some of our sites for these automatic updates/snapshots.
We wanted to check out if we can easily revert in case anything bad happens on the sites and to reduce support activity time, due to staff costs decrease.

WP Reset Pro works great and we will make some auto-updates settings on some smaller sites, just to test auto-snapshots feature, and we will do it when WP Reset Pro introduces auto-upload of those snapshots in the Cloud so those websites servers databases are not increasing.

Our future desired websites update process is:
:arrow_right: updating sites through MainWP (manually or through automatic Trusted feature)

:arrow_right: WP Reset Pro automatically creates snapshots of the sites

:arrow_right: WP Reset Pro automatically uploads sites’ snapshots into the Cloud

:arrow_right: WP Reset Pro auto-delete sites’ snapshots from the server

:arrow_right: in case of any disaster or malfunctioning of the sites, we revert WP Reset Pro snapshots in seconds and troubleshooting the site

Why this desired update process?
Because we found out in our practice that only 5-10% of all sites, when updated, have some issues and we need to troubleshoot it, so in this way we need not do all the pre-update process/checking for ALL the sites we need to update but only to troubleshoot 5-10% sites that REALLY had some issues after update.

Huge saving in our time and costs/money thanks to MainWP & WP Reset Pro!

PS Also waiting for the WP Reset Pro MainWP extension and after that - the process would be fully automated, a dream come true for our maintenance process. Please, vote here for this extension to be developed, here: Trello

PS2 We have 3 different backup systems on the majority of our sites but we prefer WP Reset Pro usage due to its time savings - it’s so fast to restore site with WP Reset when something goes wrong.


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