Schedule Updates - Hands off - Visual Regression Comparison

For most clients, especially ours, auto-updates should take place not during business hours. Has this been updated? Can this be done easily in the current UI? Please consider adding this.

I see options to allow 1+ times per day, however what if we wanted 1 per week early Saturday morning or once per day, but 11pm?

I see some workarounds for updating the cron jobs, however this seems a bit hacky, when other tools allow me to use a GUI for this.

I saw this post by Bogdan, however will this trigger updates for all websites with this cron, until this functionality is added to the UI:

wget -O /dev/null > /dev/null 2>&1
from: Schedule Plugin updates for overnight only - #6 by 247webmaster

I’d like to make updates happen, rather than just check for updates. I now have a comparison tool ( from AppSumo) that I’m looking forward to compare things after updates. I’m open to what others are doing to help save hours of time each week/month. This is one I’m excited about.