Screenshots page has disappeared from my selections

If disabled, you can enable this feature on the MainWP > Settings > Tools page.
there is NO option on Tools page to enable screenshots.

previously had screenshots enable but now it is gone?

mainwp Version

Please help.

@techmagick The icon has been changed from an EYE Ball to a Camera - are you simply overlooking the option? I know I did for a while.

Sites > ScreenOptions

As an experimental feature we have moved the “Screen Shot Page” to a separate Sites layout called “Grid”. This may also be changed on the Screen Options drop down.

The grid view used to be a menu option under the sites menu.
Which mean I could view both the sites table view and the grid view without having to change screen options.

Why did it change?

Hi Eagle,

In the 4.1.10 we removed the Screenshots page and integrated it as the Grid view in the Manage Sites page. It is no longer available as a separate page.

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