Security for MainWP Dashboard Installation

My MainWP Dashboard is installed in a fresh empty WP site.
Is it advisable to protect this with a firewall and or any other kind of protection or does MainWP take care of the site it is insatlled in?

Hi @Peter_Carsten at minimum I recommend installing


Thank you, this works well, but I was not able to : " Locate the Dashboard Site Cleanup option box" to hide WP Admin sections.

And I wonder what I should do as a firewall to protect against bots and other injections without getting in conflict with MainWP.

@Peter_Carsten MainWP isn’t a security suite, However, we do provide extensions that work along side a few of the popular ones. Such as WordFence which MainWP has an extension for.

I do recommend that you at least install an SSL (https) on top of the advice @dennis gave. As well, as a WAF (Web Application Firewall) such as WordFence or another option, if your’re not behind HTTP Authentication.

These have been removed in MainWP Dashboard Version 4


Hi @Peter_Carsten, is there any further help needed with this topic?

Thanks, I am fine for now.