Selective plugin updates

Hi there.

Not sure if this is possible already, however, there are times when it would be good to selectively update a set of plugins/themes but without the need to do them individually.

Something similar to the WP plugin dashboard with checkboxes, allowing you to choose which plugins to bulk process.

Hi Ben,

this is already implemented.

Since MainWP 4.1.2, there is a possibility to select items that you want to update in the bulk process.

Please review all options in the MainWP > Updates page.

Check this KB Article under “Update a Single Plugin on All Your Child Sites”

Hi Bogdan and Dennis

Thanks for those replies.

TBH, I hadn’t actually noticed the checkboxes in the updates section, however, I was still considering this functionality within the individual site overview. There have been circumstances where I want to update all plugins (and core/themes) for a site except one or two. Whilst it seems possible to search through the full list of plugins to find the site they are attached to, it is not ideal. It would be great to have the options in both places.

Hi Ben,

thanks for getting back to me.

In individual site mode, there is still no support for selective updates. However, it’s something that we are planning to add in the future updates.

Hi Bogdan

Oh, cool. I’ll look forward to that.

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