Sending mail to client / agency when page is down

Dear MainWP Community

I am looking for a WordPress maintenance solution for our clients. Before i get more into MainWP i have a to check if a special feature i need is available inside MainWP. The feature i need is the following:
When the page is down or infected MainWP should send a message to the client or the agency (where i work) depending on the support-contract the client has with our company. The email should be branded with our logo and just contain a default text like “we inform you that your website is down”.

Is this possible with MainWP or how do you handle this with your clients? Im happy to hear from you :slight_smile:

Thank you very much and best regards

Hi Frenz,

thank you for reaching out.

Yes, please check the Basic Uptime Monitoring feature. You can set it to check your sites regularly and if site goes down it will send email. Email notifications are fully customizable so you can put any content you want to it and you can set different recipients for each child site.

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