Settings extension still does not respect Tokens

I love the settings extension but as far as I know the new version still does not translate user tokens so we cannot send specific data via the settings extension.

@phalancs I’m not 100% sure I understand your request. Can you provide a screen shot & explain a bit further please.

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Sorry “translate” was misleading in this context. Let me elaborate little more on the issue:

The Settings extension supports Boilerplate tokens. You can activate this on the Settings extensions option page:

You need to create tokens first and populate the fields in the child sites editing page to be able to use the Boilerplate tokens (shortcodes) in various places like posts etc.:

Then you would just use the tokens to dynamically populate fields in the settings extension:

Whenever you send settings with the extension that should include DYNAMIC data from the tokens an EMPTY string is sent, instead of the real data.

This is core functionality of both extensions and it is broken since the release of MWP 4. I feel a little lost now since I have sent in this bug several times already.

Sorry for sounding harsh but I like this extension and I heavily rely on its functionality. Actually I don’t think it makes much sense without working boilerplate support.

Thanks for any updates :slight_smile:

Hi Konstantine, thanks for reporting this problem. The dev team will get this fixed asap.

I will let you know as soon as I get more info from them


Thank you this would be awesome :smiley: