Several Logins WordPress console login with Admin Account from own IP

a monitoring program (Ninja Firewall) automatically sends me email alerts when an administrator logs into the site.

Since yesterday I have been receiving around 4 emails every 20 minutes from 4 different WordPress sites with an admin login and the IP of the server where MainWp is installed.
I have about 60 pages and for almost all of them these 4 emails came with the admin login.

So it seems that the program logs in as administrator every 20 minutes, that wasn’t before, what can that be?
Is this a mistake?
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Do you have any other extension or plugins that check your sites? Like broken links or HTTPS… etc.

No, no other Plugin is installed

found the problem. Was not a MainWP Problem
E-Mails comes from NinjaFirewall they had a problem since last Update, the new Update fixes this problem.


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