Should You Design Websites with Privacy in Mind?

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When building websites for clients, you usually have to juggle multiple priorities, from staying within the budget to presenting outstanding designs that your clients will love, to building out all of the features and functionalities that have been requested. One facet of website design that many designers and clients overlook is the meeting of privacy-related…

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Security is actually more of an issue than privacy.
Barely any businesses care or bother about this until it is too late and something bad happens, even then, still many don’t care and will just sweep it under the carpet.
Barely anyone understands GDPR either.

All these privacy policies are useless, if none of the data is stored securely, the website is not secure, and neither are the staff.

with almost every single website I have ever worked on, the client had previously given out the login details to many other freelancers, who still had access. Even if they had been given their own login, that login was still active and often being used.
I have seen so many sites where the logs showed users logging in recently who are nothing to do with the business.
In most cases, the admin login details are also sitting in plain text on the freelancers website in the chat/message logs.

Any of these unauthorized people and simply download any client data whenever they like, change the privacy policy, change the cookie consent settings, etc.

I most cases nobody at the business would know what to do if someone did request a copy of their data or for it to be deleted.

Passwords are rarely ever stored securely (no password manager), no 2FA is being used, anywhere, data submitted by form just sits in someone’s inbox indefinitely… a total lack of security across the board.

Here are a few articles I have written which I recommend reading to educate yourself on these matter. I do tend to send some to every new client.

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