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Hi everyone!

Is there any way to have a dashboard on the front end of the MainWP site where the content of “Sites” (dashboard summary view > Sites) can be displayed in view mode only, with no privileges to make changes?

I would like to be able to have a dashboard > Sites on the Company intranet so that the different members can have a global view of the managed sites, without being able to make changes themselves.

Any ideas? :hugs:


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I don’t think the dashboard is built to have a frontend interface. But there is an extension WordPress Team Plugin for MainWP Website Management which allows you to have team members with different roles/permissions. Not sure if there is a view only mode though…

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Cheers… Rick


Hey @gnumax

As Rick pointed out, you could use the Team Control extension to limit certain privileges for certain administrators, such as Updating plugins/themes/core, Adding or Editing child sites, and many other things.

And while there isn’t a simple option to make Dashboard > Sites page view only, perhaps it might be possible to create a low privilege role in Team Control that would effectively serve your desired purpose.


@gnumax If using the Team Control Extension isn’t to your liking and you want even more freedom - take into consideration that we also provide the MainWP API for your external use cases.

You would be able to take this and create your dashboard that way as well. Of course it would take a bit more work on your side and you would need to be PHP Savvy in order to pull it off.


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