Show Updraft status under Manage Sites

I have Updraft on each of my sites. Each week I go to the extensions menu and refresh the remote backup connections, then scroll through to make sure backups are being taken of each site.

The problem is that if Updraft has disconnected, I can’t tell.

I’d love to look under Manage Sites and have a column for last backup date. Or even just that Updraft is installed/connected.

Hi @renemorozowich

On the UpdraftPlus extension page, you can see on which child site the plugin is installed.

And if the row is highlighted in red, that means that the UpdraftPlus plugin is deactivated on the child site.

So if the child site is connected to the Dashboard, and the UpdraftPlus plugin is active on the child site, the extension is connected. We are not aware of situations where the UpdraftPlus extension by itself can get disconnected.

As for the table column that would show the last backup date - first you need to select UpdraftPlus as the primary backup system on the Dashboard > Settings > General settings page.

Then you will be able to enable the “Last Backup” column in the Page Settings of the Manage Sites page.

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Thank you! The second item works well for me!

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