Since MainWP V4.1.x, in the Notes widget, <return> inserts \n

The Notes widget on a child site’s dashboard is something we use a lot. I wish it was smart enough to understand that “carriage return” should be saved as a NEW LINE, but this is not the bug I’m reporting

Since upgrading to v4.1.x, whenever I put a < br >, there’s an extra, and VISIBLE, \n which is added :frowning:

Screenshot for proof.

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 16.07.44

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@jfa I see - we will have a look into this and post a patch shortly there after.

Thanks for your patience.


@jfa @pauluZ
Hey everyone! Here is the pre-released patch for this bug: Dropbox - File Deleted

The next Version will contain this patch.

let us know if you have further issues.


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