Site Connection Problems

After several months of use, suddenly had 4 sites disconnected over 2 different Host’s. Was unable to get them to re-connect.

After several hours of research on here, the net and emails back and forth with the host, I managed to find what appears as the cause and a temp solution. Hopefully may help others in the same situation.

By running the “Test Connection” I noticed that a site’s IP was showing in IPv4 format, but from the “Child Site” the Server Information was being displayed in IPv6 format. Wondering if this mismatch was the cause, I tried using the “Force IPv4” in Advanced Settings, but to no avail. To doubly make sure IPv4 was being served I then deleted the DNS AAAA record on the server.
This fixed the problem ensuring the same IP at both ends.

Is this normal behaviour for MainWP?
Why does the main control panel plugin use IPv4 but the Child Site plugin use IPv6?
Is there a fix for this or do I need to delete more AAAA records on the other problem site’s server?

Hi @Perce,

Thanks for reaching out.

I am not quite sure why something like this happened.

Have you moved these sites from a different servers recently?

Hi Bogdan,
no, the sites have not been moved recently.

I wondered if the Host’s had suddenly added IPv6 to their servers, but the one I asked confirmed this was not the case.

As my 3 questions remain unanswered, I’ll assume there is no immediate fix for this and continue to remove further AAAA records to hopefully re-establish connection.

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@Perce I am going to agree and say that the Hosting company changed something and are not being fully transparent with you. Unfortunately, this is the way most hosting companies operate. :frowning:

Thanks again for at least giving us a heads up that this could solve an issue. We can move this thread to the How To section so it can be found easier.

Let us know if this is ok with you .

Hi Keith,
although I tend to agree that the hosting company changed something, it’s odd that this involved 2 hosting companies that must have changed something at the exact same time across 3 different servers!

You can move this thread to wherever you like, it’s fine by me.

And there’s more…

Applying my fix to the other sites worked fine apart from one site.
I am now stuck again at trying to connect this one site, but have noticed the following in the “Child Site Response”.

Snippet includes privacy edits:

<h4 id="text"></h4> <p class="cap_note cap_text count_down"> is protected by Imunify360 </p> </div> </div> <p class="cap_mess cap_text text-center"> We have noticed an unusual activity from your <b>IP xxxx:xxxx:x:x::x</b> and blocked access to this website. </p> <p class="cap_mess cap_text text-center"> <b>Please confirm that you are not a robot</b> </p>

Appears Imunify360 is the culprit blocking access.
With not being able to see the popup and confirm I’m not a robot how do I proceed to get passed this security?

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@Perce Yes, there may have been a server software update that each of those hosting companies updated at the same time… It’s possible.

As for the Imunify360 - this is a Server FireWall & you need to contact the Hosting Company to have them white list you.

Eventually managed to re-connect, must have been just a temp block on the previous IP.
Still needs looking at though, not sure what would happen if I reinstigated IPv6 on the server.

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@Perce Not sure - it may have been a soft block and not a permanent ban. MainWP IS a Robot…and may trigger some FireWall settings - you just have to work with the hosting company in order to bypass those triggers.

With connection problems that happen out of the blue, it’s 99% of the time a Security Tool & or WP Plugin causing the issue. Keep that frame of mind and you will be fine.

If you continue to be blocked by the Hosting Security tools - contact them and show them this document so they can update their definitions with MainWP’s User Agent What Port and User Agent Does MainWP Use? - MainWP Documentation

Good luck -let us know if you run into any issue with MainWP Directly.

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