Site Health information

The displayed site health status is still unreliable. Even after a site sync some site display ‘should be improved’ in the site health column at the site overview (managesites). If i jump to the site no issues are reported.

Hi Michael,

Can you try to recheck sites by using this action:

and see if that resolves the problem?

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Hi Bogdan,

checking the sites again does not change anything. I just had it again. MainWP reports the site health should be improved on a site. The site health status on the site in question reports nothing (Great job! Everything is running smoothly here.). I select the site in MainWP Monitoring and apply the ‘check now’ bulk action. After the check has run it still reports the site health should be improved on that site.

Hi Michael,

That is really strange. I haven’t seen this behavior earlier.

Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

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