Site Monitoring: Status Down But my site is actually up

Any ideas as to why one of my sites says it’s down but when you visit the site it’s working?

I’m migrating my sites from iThemes Sync to MainWP and Sync would give me the same down status there too, but I’ve had issues with trusting various readings (hence the migration to MainWP) but I’m still getting a similar reading with site monitoring here too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi Solomon,

Thanks fore reaching out.

Can you tell me do you use Advanced Uptime Monitor or the Basic Monitoring feature? What response code do you get from the site?

And are the sites open to the world? Or do you have some kind of plugin running to require login that might be the culprit?

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Hi Bogdan, I’ve installed the Advanced Uptime Monitor.

I’m not sure where to find a “response code,” is there a specific place to find that? I did a quick search the knowledge base but didn’t find anything relating to the uptime.

I did take some screenshots of what I’m seeing from the Advance Uptime Monitor window, sure if these will help you or not? I can dig further if you let me know where to find the response codes though.


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Hi Fotan, yes, the sites are open to the world and no plugins or passcodes to view them. Thank you for the suggestion, though, I appreciate it. :+1:

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Hi Solomon,

Thanks for the update.

In some cases, this happens when some server-side security rule blocks requests from the Uptime Robot server, so the UR server IPs should be whitelisted.

I think it may be best to reach out to Uptime Robot or your host support. AUM extension runs on Uptime Robot API, and in this case, Uptime Robot is providing the false info.

This also happens regularly if the SSL Certificate has expired. The email even contains a status code of 200 but says it is down. Yes there is something to take care of then but the message is just wrong.

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