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Hey all! I figured I’d share a tool I use for my maintenance side of things. While I know many happily use tools like UptimeRobot to keep track of whether or not a site is live or active, I need to monitor everything from SSL cert expiration to domain expiration along with whether or not a site is serving. As such I use a neat SAAS (software as a service) tool called StatusCake.

For my needs I find them more affordable than something like Pingdom, and as I host my own servers, I do like the ability to also have AV checks done through the tool as well.


Hi @LoveSudo,
There is Hetrix Tools that is cheaper and offers more sites:
Right now, we are using Uptime Robot and AirTable for domains expiration but we are looking for a more automated solutions… We are tested Hetrix free blacklisting services for a while now and working well.
But ideally, a open source solution will be better!



Awesome! More options to look into are a good thing! I’ll have to look into them.

Right now StatusCake, and their team is rather incredible to work with, which is a huge bonus to me. Nothing like working with a product only to discover the team is not responsive, or generally unhelpful (something I am so glad has never happened with MainWP in the many years I have been using them).

And I agree @wpexpert - It would be nice if there were a lot of open source options, but at the same time I can understand the need for a business model that is not 100% open source for some tools.


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