Site Sync and manual cron

I have 56 sites connected and I am seeing it take 24 hours to get through the entire scheduled sync when using wp-cron and calling it manually from the server so I reverted back to setting the cron jobs as the docs call for Disable WP Cron - MainWP Documentation. This appears to be out of data since at least the maintenance job has been renamed. Are there updated lists of what and when they should be run?

For reference, before 4.1, sync would start @ 5am and be done by 9am

I’ve got the site Site Health page on my MainWP nagging me about missed WP Cron jobs, which may be due to my calling wp-cron.php with my system cron and wget every 10 minutes when the WP Cron in MainWP has a job every minute.

This is definitely an area where some more clear and thorough guidance would be extremely helpful.

For the start,

Can you please post the community system report from your MainWP Dashboard for review? The report is located in your Dashboard under Status → Server, on the top right of the page.

Be sure to use the button like the one below; this button hides all your private information:


Pressing the button auto-copies the report to your clipboard then just paste it in a reply here.

### Server Info                    Required                                               Detected                                     Status   ###

MainWP Dashboard                   
MainWP Dashboard Version           4.1.1                                                  4.1.1                                        Pass        
MainWP Upload Directory            Writable                                               Writable                                     Pass        
MainWP Extensions                  
Activity Log for MainWP            1.5.1                                                                                                           
MainWP Broken Links Checker Extension4.0                                                    API License Active                           Pass        
Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension                                                API License Active                           Pass        
Boilerplate Extension                                                    API License Active                           Pass        
MainWP BackWPup Extension                                                API License Active                           Pass        
MainWP Branding Extension                                                API License Active                           Pass        
MainWP Clean and Lock Extension                                                API License Active                           Pass        
MainWP Client Reports Extension                                                API License Active                           Pass        
MainWP Custom Dashboard Extension  4.0.1                                                  API License Active                           Pass        
MainWP Favorites Extension                                                API License Active                           Pass        
MainWP File Uploader Extension     4.0.1                                                  API License Active                           Pass        
MainWP Google Analytics Extension                                                API License Active                           Pass        
MainWP Maintenance Extension                                                API License Active                           Pass        
MainWP Sucuri Extension                                                  API License Active                           Pass        
MainWP Team Control                                                      API License Active                           Pass        
MainWP WooCommerce Status Extension4.0.2.1                                                API License Active                           Pass        
WordPress Version                  >=3.6                                                  5.5.1                                        Pass        
WordPress Memory Limit             >=64M                                                  512M                                         Pass        
MultiSite Disabled                 =true                                                  true                                         Pass        
FileSystem Method                  = direct                                               direct                                       Pass        
PHP Version                        >=5.6                                                  7.3.22                                       Pass        
PHP Safe Mode Disabled             =true                                                  true                                         Pass        
PHP Max Execution Time             >=30 seconds                                           300                                          Pass        
PHP Max Input Time                 >=30 seconds                                           600                                          Pass        
PHP Memory Limit                   >=128M                                                 512M                                         Pass        
PCRE Backtracking Limit            >=10000                                                1000000                                      Pass        
PHP Upload Max Filesize            >=2M                                                   128M                                         Pass        
PHP Post Max Size                  >=2M                                                   128M                                         Pass        
SSL Extension Enabled              =true                                                  true                                         Pass        
SSL Warnings                       = empty                                                                                             Pass        
cURL Extension Enabled             =true                                                  true                                         Pass        
cURL Timeout                       >=300 seconds                                          300                                          Pass        
cURL Version                       >=7.18.1                                               7.72.0                                       Pass        
cURL SSL Version                   >=OpenSSL/0.9.8l                                       OpenSSL/1.1.1g                               Pass        
PHP Allow URL fopen                NO                                                     
PHP Exif Support                   YES ( V7.3.)                                           
PHP IPTC Support                   YES                                                    
PHP XML Support                    YES                                                    
PHP Disabled Functions             dl,  pclose,  pcntl_exec,  popen, show_source,         
PHP Loaded Extensions              Core, PDO, PDO_ODBC, Phar, Reflection, SPL, SimpleXML, bcmath, bz2, calendar, cgi-fcgi, ctype, curl, date, dom, exif, fileinfo, filter, ftp, gd, gettext, gmp, hash, iconv, imagick, imap, intl, ionCube Loader, json, libxml, mbstring, mysqli, mysqlnd, odbc, openssl, pcntl, pcre, pdo_mysql, pdo_pgsql, pdo_sqlite, pgsql, posix, pspell, readline, session, soap, sockets, sqlite3, standard, tidy, tokenizer, wddx, xml, xmlreader, xmlrpc, xmlwriter, xsl, zip, zlib
MySQL Version                      >=5.0                                                  5.6.41-84.1                                  Pass        
MySQL Mode                         NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION                                 
MySQL Client Encoding              utf8mb4                                                
Server Info                        
Server Software                    Apache                                                 
Operating System                   Linux                                                  
Architecture                       64		 bit                                               
Server Protocol                    HTTP/2.0                                               
HTTPS                              ON                                                     
Server self connect                Response Test O.K.                                     
User Agent                         Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:80.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/80.0
Gateway Interface                  CGI/1.1                                                
Memory Usage                       51.29 MB                                               
Request Time                       1600457077                                             
Accept Content                     text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,image/webp,*/*;q=0.8
Accept-Charset Content             N/A                                                    
MainWP Settings                    
Number Of Child Sites              56                                                     
Use WP-Cron                        No                                                     
Optimize for Shared Hosting or Big NetworksYes                                                    
Automatic Daily Update             Disabled                                               
Abandoned Plugins/Themes Tolerance 366                                                    
Maximum number of posts to return  50                                                     
Maximum number of pages to return  50                                                     
Primary Backup System              MainWP BackWPup Extension                              
Maximum simultaneous requests      4                                                      
Minimum delay between requests     200                                                    
Maximum simultaneous requests per ip1                                                      
Minimum delay between requests to the same ip1000                                                   
Maximum simultaneous sync requests 8                                                      
Minimum simultaneous install/update requests3                                                      
Active Plugins                     
Activity Log for MainWP            1.5.1                                                  Active                                       
BackWPup                           3.7.1                                                  Active                                       
Delete Expired Transients          2.0.7                                                  Active                                       
MainWP Broken Links Checker Extension4.0                                                    Active                                       
MainWP Child                       4.1                                                    Active                                       
MainWP Dashboard                   4.1.1                                                  Active                                       
Peter's Login Redirect             2.9.7                                                  Active                                       
WP 2FA - Two-factor authentication for WordPress1.4.2                                                  Active                                       

Hi Eric, earlier today I sent you a new version that I got from our dev team, can you please let me know if it works better for you?

I have the updates installed and will test. The scheduled sync is in 11 hours so I should have info in the morning.

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Seems that the issue has been fixed by the new version. Fix will be included in the next release.

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