Site24x7 AUM not working

When trying to connect this api I get error:
Invalid Redirect Uri

Redirect URI passed does not match with the one configured

Additionally, I notice that for different endpoints you have completely different API call.


When I use it at least redirects me to a login screen, when I use the correct one ( i just get errors.

Hey @Jakub

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Thank you for reporting this to us.
The development team will investigate the issue further, and we will update this thread once we have more information.

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Hey @Jakub

Can you try using this URL as the Authorized Redirect URIs and see if that helps:

The Authentication Data Center selected here should match the domain of the Zoho site where you created the API key. For example:

@bojan thanks for your response, but I did exactly as you said, and it is still not wroking.
Is there any documentation for it?

Here is a screen from api conole:

and here is the screen from the MainWp:

Clicking any of those buttons "Authorization Administrator’ “Authorization Reports” “Authorization Operations”
show this error:

i have tried all of those “applications” and none of them seems to work, but at least now I get to the screen with authorization.
New problem is that the monitors do not show up. Adding monitors also does not work.

Thanks for the update.

Creating new monitors within the extension is not possible with a free 24x7 plan due to their API limitation.

As for the inability to load existing monitor data in the extension - would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

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