SiteLock Blocking connection

I was unsuccessful getting a new site connected to the dashboard.
The client happened to tell me he had called SiteLock on an SSL matter.
(they are not hosted with us)

I realized SiteLock was probably blocking the connection.
We got on the phone with them and yes,
their firewall was in fact blocking the incoming connection from MainWP.
They whitelisted the ip address and the dashboard was then able to connect.

A SiteLock question will get added to our onboarding flow.

When we get large enough, we will begin requiring new sites be hosted with us.


Good catch!
Something similar happened to me with the Virusdie security suit tool: highly quality one, but when I put it on one client’s site and wanted to connect it with the MainWP dashboard, no way, can’t connect and can’t connect.

I deactivated its WAF firewall temproraily - and I connected it immediately!
Afterwards I turned firewall on again, and all was going smoothly. Bingo! :slight_smile:

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@Mark it doesn’t look like I can give you the solution to your own question
if you could can you post just the resolution below me. I can mark it as the solution and give you some sweet sweet internet points :candy:

The only resolution is to get SiteLock to whitelist the IP address where the MainWP dashboard is located.
They can do it over the phone if the client calls.

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